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Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin:

E-commerce sites, mannequins are used alternatively of the human fig to create the 3D effect of various garment items, like shirts, jacket, trousers, lingerie, cardigan, swimsuits, etc. Removing mannequin from clothing creates an empty area at the neck. We join the back on the neck and the front parts’ image to make a full shape and give real ghost mannequin effect. Product example: Shirts, jacket, trousers, lingerie, etc.

Generally photographer can’t shot a full view of garments; generally, photographers take shots of Front Part & back part & our experts show the full view using Photoshop by joining the neck part & creating a ghost part combined with the color of clothing. The final finished products look as natural that nobody will understand that the ghost part is created by someone. If you have a look at our gallery images you will understand deeply.

Businesses Need Image Manipulation Services

Exampling some of the business ventures that we offer our Image Manipulation services are set forth: E-Commerce Industry, Journalism Media, Advertising Agencies, Glam Industry, Magazine catalogs, etc. We create an epic photo that is hard to miss by any viewer. We only hire highly professional and experienced people to get associated with our brand in order to ensure the most phenomenal performance. Goodwill is hard to create and easy to raze, so we value the reliance that our clients have on Cut Out Image and make certain to take the best possible steps to maintain the momentum.

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